Video description for introducing pilot video

Text description follows.

On-screen text: Introducing Pilot.Mass.Gov

The screen shows the homepage.

On-screen text: We’re making it easier for you to find services and do what you need to do faster b

The screen shows a search bar that reads “file taxes.” Three boxes appear that show search results related to filing taxes.  

On-screen text: but we need your help because a better starts with you

The screen shows a mouse click the box that says “File your Massachusetts personal income tax return.” The screen changes to a webpage that outlines the tax filing process.  The page scrolls down to reveal methods to file online and by mail.

The screen changes to show Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

On-screen text:  Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts

Baker:  Hey everybody, this is Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, and we’ve been working hard to redesign our look and our capacity to serve you. So we’d like you to check out website and give us the guidance and advice that we need to help improve our ability to serve you. Thanks.

The screen shows a feedback form on 

On-screen text:  Welcome to your new 

On-screen text:



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