Late payment charges

A utility may assess a late payment charge on the unpaid past due portion of a balance of a customer bill.  Utilities seeking to impose late payment charges must file them as a tariff provision for review and approval of DPU.

List of rates for the last 5 years

Effective Date Monthly Interest Rate Annual Interest Rate
February 1, 2017 0.86% 10.83%
February 1, 2016 0.85% 10.69%
February 1, 2015 0.83% 10.46%
February 1, 2014 0.82% 10.31%
February 1, 2013 0.82% 10.28%

Pursuant to 220 C.M.R. 26.10 (4), the late payment charge shall be calculated at an annual rate of interest which is the equivalent of the rate paid on two-year United States Treasury notes for the preceding.

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